Datanli 312 (800x533)

I love the way the light falls in this country. There is such a contrast between darkness, shadows, and the full-noon sun. Each tree lends a different type of shade, umbrellas provide a shelter from the midday sol, and gracias a dios, buses have roofs and open windows that let in the right light and keep out the strong stuff.

Pig Day 117 (800x533)

Start of May 2014 257 (533x800)

May Jinotega Brigade 313 (800x533)

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I have the pretty incredible opportunity of not only passing through towns and villages, but staying. Seeing, observing, and documenting life in tiny little corners of the world. Lately, these times have been providing some incredible photo opportunities with some of the most beautiful families and children, quiet city streets, and sunrises over mountains.

May Jinotega Brigade 141 (800x533)

May Jinotega Brigade 001 (800x533)

Datanli 243 (800x533)

May Jinotega Brigade 119 (800x533)

As I look towards wrapping up my time here in Nicaragua, I have been going through pictures and figuring out what I have not been able to record yet. There is so much here and I so want to capture it in its essence. Light, smiles, architecture and more light.

May Jinotega Brigade 174 (800x533)

Start of May 2014 093 (800x533)

May Jinotega Brigade 639 (800x533)


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