No Alarm Clock Needed.

I sometimes forget how strange my life here is. It is a beautiful, hot, dusty kind of strange, one that makes me stop and shake my head at the strangeness of it all a couple times a week.

Take this past week for example:

I went to a local swimming hole with some friends and enjoyed a natural water slide, only to come out of the water completely covered in little tiny worms that were biting me. They had gotten into my clothes and created quite the commotion. Darn you buzones.

That same day, class was shortened from 90 minutes to about 15 minutes because the first World Cup game started. Students pulled out the TV during recess and just never returned to class. Yay soccer!

I have randomly started waking up at 5:40 on the dot. Every. Single. Morning. If you know me, you know how not normal this is. And to make it even better, I’ve actually been getting up and going on runs. Say whattt?! Runs usually followed by a load of hand-washed laundry, make breakfast, read, enjoy my coffee and crawl back into bed for a little cat nap at 8:30am.

Yesterday I enjoyed an amazing fried fish lunch and dip in a hotel swimming pool, thanks to the generous invitation of a friend here. We were swimming under pure sunshine-filled skies and within the hour everything was black and dumping rain. Hello Nicaraguan winter, you bi-polar beast.

While enjoying a standing-room only, swaying bus ride through the hills into Managua on Saturday, I got asked out by a local guy who had all the smooth lines under the sun down to a fine art. To go out with him or not, hmmm….

I opened us one of my plastic tubs where I keep food to find that somehow a darn mouse had gotten into eat and eaten through everything. Tea bags, fabulous hot chocolate mix from the States, and my junk food supply. Grrr.

And in another mouse-related incident, my neighbors helped me clean out a mouse nest full of little babies that the momma had created behind the dresser in my little room. My neighbor, a vet, excitedly told me that he would take them to Juana. Juana, I asked? Yeah, he says, Juana is my pet boa constrictor. Oh, of course. Sorry little mice babies. Now momma mouse cries every night and has gone on a grief-filled rampage, eating through things in my room, escaping three mouse-traps and annoying me to no end. I’m sorry momma mouse, can we please live in peace?!

My shower nozzle broke yesterday (and by ‘shower’, I mean the PCV pipe that comes out of the wall!), so now my ‘shower’ can only be turned on by using a pair of pliers.

Just another week in Nicaragua….