Let It Rise.

A few weeks back, this gluten-free girl got her hands covered in the dreaded glutinous mixture. And it was awesome.

I had been visiting a small community where we built improved ovens, doing follow-up with the families. A sweet family invited me for a bowl of soup (hello, deliciousness) and then pulled out about thirty pounds of dough from their kitchen, ready to roll and bake. I kindly invited myself to stay and help. Yep, that happened.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 015 (800x533)

Breadmaking is quite the process here. Besides going into town (half hour away) to buy ingredients, you then have to mix together (by hand) thirty pounds of dough. The dough is then run through a mill of sorts, that this family constructed (pictured above).

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 087 (800x533)

Then, you cover your hands in oil, roll the dough into small balls and set to rise for about 10 minutes.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 078 (533x800)

Then, each ball is made into a specific type of bread. We made three different types that day: relleno, simple and pico.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 092 (533x800)

Doña Lillian showing me how to make pico.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 139 (551x800)

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 142 (800x533)

Pictured below is the sweet bread that is filled with a sugar/flour/coloring mixture.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 227 (800x533)

While the family is waiting to make some adjustments to their improved oven, they continue using their traditional oven, pictured below. This beast gets preheated for about an hour before all the wood is taken out and the dough put in.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 222 (800x533)

And what would a blog post be without some pictures of the cuties I got to hang out with while baking?!

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 219 (800x533)

Sharing an ice-cream treat.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 196 (800x533)

Squishy faces.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 191 (800x533)

This little lady wasn’t too sure about the little chick.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 152 (800x533)

Such a doll.

Assorted Jan - Bread & Food 214 (800x533)

What I loved most about bread day, was the community. The whole family helped, neighbors came by to lend a hand, and a little glutinous community formed around the kitchen table. Pretty incredible.


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