The Colin Chronicles III

The last of Colins unedited tales of adventures gone by!

Hey its Colin again. I’m writing my last blog for Kacie from our cabin on Lopez Island. This blog will be about the whole trip. So you better get comfy because its going to be a long one.

 So to start off, I’m pretty sure the last blog I wrote was right before I got sick. I woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold and a bad headache. I told kacie I wasn’t feeling good, but she just told me to go get some water. She didn’t care that I was sick. No actually she didn’t know I was so sick I almost fell down the stairs just to get that water. The next morning kacie took my temperature and it was 104. I’m no doctor but that is pretty high. In a way I kinda liked being sick. I got to watch a whole bunch of movies. I watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and three Harry Potter movies in two days. I was sick for three days. I think Kacie really liked taking care of me. NOT! One thing I didn’t like about being sick is that I didn’t get to see the other classes that Kacie teaches at. But I did get to really get to know her downstairs and bathroom. If you want to know what it looks like I could tell you. So I guess that is one thing that is positive about the whole thing of being sick. 

I don’t think I could have asked for a more exciting and interesting week. To top off being sick, we had a robbery and a tsunami warning,  how exciting! I don’t think I couldve handled much more. But with all seriousness I had a great trip. Ok I’m done being serious. I can’t handle being serious even for a sentence. I really missed playing soccer when I was sick. 

There you guys go. There is my blogs. Hope you like them because I was forces to write these. I was threatened! If I didnt write these Kacie would kill me! HELP! SOMEONE  SAVE ME FROM HER


The Colin Chronicles II

Part two of Colin’s Nicaraguan adventures…unedited!

Hey its me again. I am writing yet another blog. I don’t know what to say about today. No actually today was a fun day. I got to spend the whole day at one of Kacies schools in Masachapa. There I got to talk to one of the profes there who taught English. Finally someone else who I can talk to. He wanted to know what I thought of the school. I said I noticed the kids don’t take notes which I had to do. He said that he tries to make the kids take notes but they never do. I told him that I was made to take notes in class. Also I gave him great teaching advice, coming from someone who has never taught in his life. I told him he could give a quiz right before the class ends on what he just taught for the day. He said if I could speak Spanish he would make me tell that to the class. Yeah Right! Even if I could speak Spanish I wouldn’t. After school I played soccer again. Its really fun. Also the host mom made us dinner tonight, which was really good. Before dinner, I was coming out of the apartment when my flashlight hit something that looked like a leaf than it moved its head. It turned out to be a frog. I freaked out, I screamed and jumped and scared the dog in the process. It was a small frog too but still it was scary, I thought I was going to die. Than Kacie came out and saw what I screamed about and laughed. What a great sister. Just laughs at her little brother.

That’s it for today.

The Colin Chronicles I

As some of you may know, my little brother is visiting me for a week (an adventure in and of itself!). Here are his unedited views on his time thus far…enjoy!

Hi everyone, its Kacie’s little brother writing a blog for her because she can’t write anymore. My name is Colin if you didn’t know. I am spending a week down here with her. I came down here June 14 and am leaving on the 21st. The first 24 hours down here were very exciting. When we were boarding the bus in Managua Kacie got her personal passport stolen, so we had to stay at a hotel. Staying at the hotel was fine with me; it had air conditioning, internet, a T.V., and a shower that had hot water. That’s all in the first three hours we were here. The next day we went to a beach to meet another Peace Corps volunteer. There we went surfing, which was fun until we had to get out because there was a tsunami warning. Apparently there was a 6.4 earthquake that happened a couple miles south of us. So we had to evacuate to higher ground.

                Besides all that other stuff, being in Nicaragua has been quite interesting. It has opened my eyes to see that I am very fortunate to be where I am. (Mom, unfortunately you were right!) I have met Kacie’s English group. They are very nice and funny. I played soccer with one of them and some other people. Also I went to one of the schools that profe Kacie works at. I got to meet the students, and all the girls liked me. I mean who wouldn’t? They asked me if I like the girls down here. Profe Kacie told me to be careful on how I answer. They also asked me if I liked it down here. I like it, just not sitting in a classroom where I don’t need to be because I have already graduated.

                That pretty much wraps it for me. I might write another blog right before I go. But now I have to go watch a movie.