I found this on Pinterest awhile back and it continues to strike me again and again how true it is. Grateful to be learning from people who are on the other side of this idea – a community rich in family values, traditions, and beautiful culture, despite being the secondd poorest country in the western hemisphere.


Best. Date. Ever.

So this past weekend I went on a pretty awesome date.

Two local guys asked me if I wanted to go for a walk around town, so they could show me some new spots in town that I haven’t seen yet. Another female came along too, so not creepy at all. We headed out Sunday afternoon and let me tell you, it was great.

They picked me flowers on the side of the road.

They showed me a beautiful river.

They bought me ice-cream.

They repeatedly told me how beautiful I was.

It was pretty great.

Probably the best date I’ve been on in over a year.

Too bad these little charmers are only 10 years old…

Pedro, Luis Carlos, me and my flowers. Such sweeties!

Self-Care, People. Do It.

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”

~ Benjamin Franklin ~


It’s been a long couple of weeks. Cultural adjustment is hard.

And it has me thinking about self-care and how I’m transitioning my old PNW self into this new Central American self and what it looks like to take of myself through this crazy season.

 During my senior year of college, I had the privlege of working with the awesome Josh Cleveland and this wise man imparted some of the best self-care tips one could possibly give, mostly just the overall importance of self-care. And I will forever be grateful for that wise advice.


I’m finding that I tend to put off and procrastinate self-care here, unless it involves iced coffees or a dip in the ocean. So my ever-changing definition of what gets me refocused and renewed involves finding some fun Nicaraguan alternatives, but is also presenting a new challenge: how to keep up with taking care of myself when my life is constantly running on overdrive (language barriers, culture, social life, natural disasters, deadlines, pirropos, new relationships, etc).

And let me just say: It is not easy.

My goal for this week is to be more proactive in taking time for myself, something my introverted-self is usually pretty good at doing, but seems to have been missing lately. And if that means needing to go to the beach or take a two-hour bus ride to the closest ice coffee, so be it.

That´s What He Said: The Fruity Student Edition

In a 10th grade class the other day I had this conversation with a male student who was doing his darndest to flirt with me:

Me: ¨How old are you?¨

Student: ¨Nineteen. And how old are you? We´ve been wondering and wanted to ask you.¨

Me: ¨I am 25 years old. Pretty much´anciana´(a polite way to say very old, obviously a joke in this context).¨

Student: ¨Oh, wow. I thought you were more like 30 years old… But you´re not anciana, just ´madura´(meaning ´ripe´in Spanish…).¨

Me: ¨You mean like a platano or mango?!¨

Somehow being called a ripe fruit just doesn´t sound all that great to me, although I give him creativity points – it is the first time produce has ever been used to woo me. Nicaragua, you continue to amaze me.