That’s What He Said: Pirropos & The Creative Nicaraguan Male

So turns out men in Nicaragua are pretty creative in their wooing ways. Not always appropriate or attractive, but definitely creative. In an effort to pay homage to these creative creatures, I’m starting a new blog feature of their pick-up lines that I’m the recipient of. I’ve translated them for you all to read, but imagine them in Spanish – everything sounds better in Spanish :).  This first one for your viewing pleasure is listed below and took place on a moto-taxi ride to a neighboring town:

Moto-taxi driver (MTD): “How old are you?”

Me: “I’m 25 years old, how about you?”

MTD: “Ok. I’m 27 years old. Do you have kids?”

Me: “Nope, you?”

MTD: “No. Do you have a boyfriend?”

Me: “No.”

MTD: “Why not?”

Me: “Eh, I just don’t. It’s easier that way :).”

MTD: “Do you want one?”

Me: “No, I’m good.”

MTD:(Long silence) Do you want to be my girlfriend?”


Isla de Ometepe!

Don’t let the previous posts fool you – I’m actually having lots of fun here. Parasites suck, but at least they can be travel companions…

The Peace Corps sends us (trainees) to go see how an actual volunteer lives, and in a turn of absolute luck, I got sent to visit a volunteer living on the Isla de Ometepe! This island is in Lake Nicaragua and is beautiful. Home to two volcanoes, lots of beaches and some seriously awesome people and food, this place was a dream to visit. I even got to spend my birthday traveling there, biking through plantain farms to go swim at a hidden beach and later attending a birthday party where this gluten-free lady got her face covered in very non-gluten-free cake. It was a blast.

Because pictures always do a better job explaining things than I can possibly do, here are a few from my trip:

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Meet Herbert & Harriet!

Meet my newest Nicaraguan friends, Herbert the parasite and Harriet the bacterial infection!

Herbert, my parasite!

After a month of feeling generally crummy and at times, very very sick, as well as losing a ridiculous amount of weight, I finally received some medical answers today! After being able to give a sample this morning (yeah, that kind), I made a mad dash to the bus, rode an hour into Managua, and proudly dropped it off at the hospital. Based on the strangeness of my case, I had to roadtrip it to the big fancy hospital an hour away, as they are some of the only ones who do this type of testing. A few hours and phone calls later, I’m proud to announce that I have creatures living inside me! Cryptosporidium to be exact. Google that if you need a little disgusting entertainment. A few doses of some high dose meds should wipe them out in no time, but I won’t start those until tomorrow. For now, I’m just thankful to know what is going on and the fact that I indeed am not going crazy, and have the time to give them some appropriate love and attention by naming them.

Love you all and will be back with some more fun updates on life here in Nicaragua. I have lots of pictures to share and some pretty great pick-up lines to share with you – Nicaraguan men are nothing if not creative…