Bacterial Infections & Boxing Matches.

Well, I feel like an official PCV now: I have come down with my first Nicaraguan bacterial infection. I will spare you the details of what one of these looks like, but let me tell you, these are not fun.  I’m in Managua for another night, attempting to get through this thing with Powerade, jello, AC and hopefully very soon, some seriously strong meds. I think when I showed up in the Med Office this morning bawling like a baby, they realized that something was definitely up, so a super quick lab test later, I am the proud owner of a diagnosis, plan of action, and hopefully soon, some sort of appetite and ability to keep liquids in. For now though, I feel super accomplished having navigated the peace corps office, taxi system, bank, grocery store, and lab, all while having feeling like I was about to pass out. I’ll take my success when I can get it! And it also means another night of internet access, so I’m going to update you on some of the going-ons of the last few weeks.

Pretty much self-explanatory, but here some photos from an impromptu boxing match that was set up close to my house a few weeks ago. So fun! Besides watching somebody get their nose broken…

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Being Sick in the PC Has Some Perks.

So I’m in a hotel in the big city for the night due some health issues… Not fun by any means, but if nothing else, the last 24 hours has shown me what an incredible support system I have built in via the Peace Corps here in Nicaragua. One call to the doctor and someone drives an hour brings me meds. One more call, someone drives an hour to come get me from my house and bring me to the city. We have four doctors that work exclusively for the PC, so I was able to walk in and see somone when I arrived this afternoon. That wanted me to stay overnight for monitoring, so I am now laying in an air-conditioned hotel room with running (and hot!) water, wi-fi, cable, and quiet…all paid for. All things I am incredibly surprised and grateful for. I have another doctors appt in the morning tomorrow and then back to my training site, hopefully.

Here’s to a night of rest, watching the Bachelorette, blog posts, and catching up with friends and family on Skype. Miss you all.

First Days Teaching & Some Pictures

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Another week of training down and onto a new one! I thought 10 weeks of training sounded a bit excessive prior to coming down here, but I am so glad we have this time to get ready for our real lives here in Nicaragua. The more I learn, the more I realize I still need to learn.

Today was my first day teaching in the local high school. And it was amazing! So fun. Hard? Yes. But definitely worth it. I have the advantage of running an afterschool youth group with the same kids, so I know a good amount of their names, which makes being in charge of a classroom so much easier. Today my co-trainee and I taught a 90-minute block on the documents you need to get a job here in Nicaragua, and how to write cover letters. The nerd in me loves this stuff.

Also, in the sake of being real with the nitty-gritty of life here in Nicaragua, you should know that the bat poop persists, my intestinal trac is struggling and I am in a constant state of sweatiness….but oh well 🙂